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Affiliate Program For Nightclub, Bar & Restaurant With Training Videos

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We Supply Instant Access To Quality Information.
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Video Downloads, Streaming And eBooks Available On ALL Devices.
Smart Phones, Laptops, Tablets, PC’s, Smart TV Etc.

Waiting 3-6 Weeks & Shipping Costs

People And Businesses Can Have It All
For A Fraction Of The Cost Of Hard Copy Training Materials.



Affiliate Promoters


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Content Contributor

Affiliate Promoters



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25% Commission For Anyone Who Wants To Tell/Share Our Digital Library With Their Friends & Bosses, etc.

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When You Refer People To Our Online Training Library Shop…

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50% Commission For People
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Training Videos, eBooks etc.

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Why Would Owners Buy Just 1 Product From One Of Us,
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If You Contribute Your Content …
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    We Expect Most Sales Will Be The Monthly & Yearly Subscriptions.
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Generate Significantly Greater Revenues Than If You Sell “Only Your Product/s”.

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Your products are your products. Sell them anywhere you wish.

5) Your Contact Info on Description Page Of Each Product You Contribute.
If You Offer Private Training or Speaking Engagements, This Will Be Particularly Helpful To You.
You handle These Sales and Keep 100% Of The Money.

6) Link To Your Website Store For People Who Want a Hard-copy Of Your Titles.
You handle These Sales and Keep 100% Of The Money.

This is a great deal for everyone. That’s very important to us!

Join Our Community As A Content Contributor

– Trainers
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We Are Creating the Biggest and Most Complete Online Training Library in the World.
For Every Major Job Title in our Industry.

1) Have A Product/s Or Ideas For Creating Them.

2) Have an Online & Offline Following List Or Database.

3) Want Additional Promotion.
Ie. Private Seminars or Speaking Engagements.

Why Not Present Your Clients/Contacts
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Make New and Continuing Commissions?

We want every bar manager to immediately jump at the chance to buy our monthly & yearly subscriptions to give their whole staff 24/7 access to our full Digital/Online Training Library. Joining Our Affiliate Referral Program Gives You The Best Of Both Worlds.

Are My Videos & e-Book Content Protected?

Yes. lock-150x150

All Our Products, And Affiliate Program, Are Handled By Our Technical Partners Platform Purple.

We believe there is no better video content piracy protection available.

Downloaded files are encrypted and cannot be played by anyone but a legitimate owner.

Content security was recently vetted and approved over a lengthy, multi-month process by one of the world’s most respected security evaluation firms.

For more info visit our DRM FAQ page, or contact Platform Purple.

When You Contribute Your Training Content

*NOTE: Affiliates DO NOT get a % of the overall sales from other stores. All Access subscriptions will be sold by other Affiliate Stores with your products included like the rest of the contributors. That’s the “trade off” if you will.

Content We Want

Everything That You & I Would Want Our Own Staff To Know If We Owned The Place.

Useful Knowledge That Employees Will Benefit From.
That’s our standard when we create new products.

Do You…

A) Have existing videos, podcasts, books, manuals for any of our main job titles? Great!

B) Want To Write a Book, Manual or Film A Video? Great!

C) Want To Film Some Of Your Classes, Seminars or Speaking Engagements? Great!

It’s easier than you think. They don’t have to have any special effects.

They need to be real, helpful & interesting with your personality coming through.
From experts who have been there & done that.

Scott is more than happy to speak to you about any ideas you may have or how to to make this happen. 

The more materials you contribute the better but if you have a bread and butter product, as much as we would love to have it in the library and it certainly would help the sales for your digital store, you need to decide what’s best for you.

We want you to make more money than you are now.

When Your Product Is Completed, We Need:

1)   Finished PDF. formaFor Text Products – Books, Study Guides/Workbooks Etc.

2)   Videos/DVD’s & Audio Books – Mp4 & Mp3 are best but we can probably work with whatever you have.

3)   Product Cover Image for Each Title… As high quality as you have.
Shortest side a minimum of 500px.

4)   The Title = 45 characters Maximum per line – 1 line is best. Max 2.

5)   Short Description Of Product = 45 characters maximum per line – Up to 4 lines

6)   Long Description Of Product = As long as you want. Include Bio & Contact info
for speaking engagements etc. We want to present you as the expert you are.

7)   Include any jpg images you’d like to include. (May take awhile to upload these)

8)   Price of each title

9)   A Separate written list of chapter points & Sub headings would be very helpful.

We’re happy to answer any questions, anytime
Please send to me directly.
Scott Young


Sign up.




1) Add Your Unique Link To Your Website,
Social Media Pages.

2) Send Messages To Your Contact List About Our Free Trial
Let Them Decide If It’s Right For Them.

3) Print Free Trial Coupon Cards ( See Left )
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Give Them To Everyone.
*** E-mail us your chosen shop name
( We suggest you keep it short )
We will send you the file ready to print at a place of your choosing.

Try: USA – Vistaprint
Or Canada – Vistaprint

Affiliate Referral Program Resources – Banners Etc.

We leave nothing to chance because if you succeed, we succeed.
It’s like a paint by numbers picture.

If You Can Take Action With Our Plan, You Can Make Money.

Go Through The 3 Steps Above.

Lot’s of great suggestions in there.

Use Any Promo Text Or Images On Our Site That You Like.

You don’t have to do anything more than add your affiliate link to wherever you like…
but if you wanted to go further please feel free

Promotional Banners & Text

Banners For Your Website or Blog etc.

When you describe the library to anyone or post it in your social media, write whatever you like.
Use any of the promo text or images from our site
Here are some basic suggestions to get  you started:

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