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For ALL Technical Issues:

The experts at Platform Purple have the most up-to-date, accurate information
and even offer Live Chat.
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About The Digital Library Shop ( Over 500 Products! )

Purchases here will NOT be shipped to you in a box.

You Can Buy…
A) Individual Products  ( BUT, Why would you want to when the subscription prices are so low? )

B) Monthly & Yearly Subscriptions.  ( Personal And Business Options )

What’s Included In a Subscription?
Absolutely Everything and All In One Place!

You get instant access to all the training videos, Audio Books, eBooks, Printable Study Guide/WorkBooks & Tests
in the Nightclub Bar & Restaurant Training’s Digital Library.

New products will automatically be added to your shelf as they are released. ( Monthly )

Can I Give A Subscription As Gift?
1 – Visit Our Digital Library Shop.
2 – Choose the Product or Subscription you want.
3 – Click the yellow “Give as a Gift” button and complete checkout.

On What Devices Can I Watch or Read My Digital Products?

Videos can be instantly streamed to your Computer, Phone, and Tablet.
You can also watch them on a TV, but it may require a little setup – read more here
** e-Books are only readable on your computer and tablet.

Study Guides/WorkBooks, Tests and some Handbooks are Fully Printable.
Make as many copies as you like for your staff to use.
Answer Keys For Tests are only readable on your computer and tablet.

How Do I Get Started?

Go Here “Shop Our Digital Library” and test out the 24 Hr. Free Trial. ( No Credit Card Required – Some Limitations Apply )
After your Free Trial is over, Choose The Subscription That Is Right For You
When you subscribe, you get Unlimited Access to Everything!

How Do I Use It? More Info Here

When you subscribe, you will be prompted to create an account.
If you are on your computer, you can click Our “Shop Our Digital Library” to login and watch your content now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nightclub Bar and Restaurant Training Subscriptions

What is "Platform Purple?"
Platform Purple is our partner in the delivery of our digital downloads and Affiliate Program. They developed the software that allows you to play, store and access your Instant Access purchases. They were originally called “Leaping Brain Labs” but have recently changed their company name, logo and other identifying marks.

Can I burn my Nightclub Bar & Restaurant Training Instant Access courses to a DVD?
No, the MOD Machine system is designed to give you instant access to what you’ve purchased without bothering with finding a disc that could have become scratched, dirty or lost. We know time is the one thing none of us have too much of, so we want you to be able to watch any program in 2 or 3 clicks.
We also are happy that, while 1.6 billion DVDs (and packaging) every year find their ways into landfills, junking up this beautiful planet, MOD Machine is a completely eco-friendly way to buy and view video titles.

Can I enjoy my purchases even if I’m not connected to the internet?
Yes! That’s one of the super cool things we provide. When you purchase a product, just make sure the entire product downloads. Then, you can take your laptop to a cabin in the woods, the beach or on an ocean voyage and watch any program you wish.

How long does it take to download a product?
It depends on the length of the product and the speed of your internet connection. The great thing about the technology is that they download in “parts,” so after enough parts have downloaded you can start watching while the rest of the course downloads in the background. So, for most products, you can usually start watching within a few minutes.

How can I cancel my subscription?
Only Monthly subscriptions will auto-renew.
That means that your card will automatically be charged each month or year until you change your subscription status.
To cancel:
1. Go to your Cloud Player at
2. Click “View Account” in the upper right corner view account
3. Under Purchase History, find “All Access Digital Subscription”
4. Click on “Cancel Auto Renew” to the right
5. You will see a new button that says “Renewal Canceled”
6. Your subscription will remain active until the renewal date

When will my credit card be charged?
Your card will be charged every month around the same day you subscribed.
For example, if you purchased a monthly subscription on January 15th, your card will be charged every month on or near the 15th.
If you purchased an annual subscription on January 15, 2018, we do not auto re-new.

What happens if my card is declined? Is there grace period?
If your card expires or is declined for another reason, we’ll notify you by email. You’ll have five days to update your card on file before your subscription becomes inactive. You can reactivate your subscription at any time on your Cloud Player at

Who can I contact about subscription billing questions?
You can manage your subscription on your Cloud Player at or you can contact Platform Purple, our digital partners, at

What happens to my downloaded videos if I cancel my subscription?
Purchased “Individual products” will always be available to you!

Your “Subscription” products will no longer show on your shelf once your subscription ends.
If you’ve downloaded videos, they will no longer play. - Menu -