How To Get A Bar Job Now!

A Guide For Getting Your Dream Bar Job
Or Any Job In The Hospitality Industry


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This 118 Page e-Book on Bar Jobs Is Helpful To ANYONE
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For ANY Job Title.

Louie Keen:
I have interviewed, Hired and Trained Thousands of Bartenders
(and a lot that never made it past the application stage).
I know what it takes to get a bar job and get hired.

Scott Young:
Many people are painfully unaware of what it takes to get a bar job or any job in this industry.

The hospitality industry Is especially competitive.
There are often usually hundreds of applications for any Front Of House Serving or Support jobs.
ie. Bartenders, Waiters,
Cocktail Waitresses,
Hostesses, Bussers,
Bar Backs, Security etc.

And let’s be honest, some places Only hire “young hotties”.
How do you compete with that if you aren’t a perfect “10”?
Answer = EVERYTHING That You CAN Do!

You have to make a better and Smarter Effort to stand out from the crowd!

This e-Book Is Stuffed With Tips On How To Increase Your Odds of Getting Hired.

Topics Include:
– Understanding The Big Picture  – Before You Do Anything
– How Much Do Bartenders/Servers Make?
– Choosing The Right Place to Work

– How To HUGELY Increase Your Odds
– Throw Out Everything You Ever Knew About Resumes And Interviews!

– The Things You Should NOT Do
– The Things You SHOULD Do!

– Make Your Resume Stand Out
– The 3D Resume!
– Video Resume

– Interview Tips!
– Interview Prep Questions
– Things NOT To Do In An Interview

– Top 25 Bartending Interview Questions
– How To Give Great Answers

– Using Social Media
– Behind The Glamour Of The Cruise Ship

– Ask Yourself Questions Like These
– Include A Cover Letter?
– Things You SHOULD Do On A Cover Letter

– Keep In Mind That You Are Also Interviewing Them
– Questions To Consider Asking Them

– Developing Your Success Story
– Group Round Table Interviews
– Drug Testing

– 10 Smart Tips To Impress Your Boss On The First Day
– Scott, What Made You Want To Become A Bartender?
– Don’t Give Up!!

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