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A Community Of Experts,
And Our Products,
In One Place.


Cost Effective Learning Materials
Every Major Job Title.

New Products Added Monthly.


Heavily Loaded For Front Of House
Money Making Job Titles.

Bartenders, Servers, Cocktail Waitresses & Working Flair Bartenders.

Also Includes:
Bussers, Hostesses, Bar Backs, Marketing, Management etc.


Study Guide/Work-Books & Tests
Downloadable And Printable.

Now You Can:
Educate, Evaluate and Track
The Knowledge Level
Each Staff Member For Their Position.


Create Consistency
High Quality Service.


Better Training, And Tracking, Makes It Possible.

Seasoned Pros


Scott Has Interviewed
Over 200 Highly Experienced Trainers,
Consultants, Owners, Managers, Bartenders,
And All Around Hospitality Industry Experts.

These seasoned pros have an avg. of 17 years experience
in the industry and many with as much as 40 years.

Our Huge Digital Library offers you real knowledge & wisdom
from decades of experience, thousands of lessons learned,
millions of guests welcomed,
& countless # of drinks and meals served.

Why limit yourself and your staff
to learning from one trainer, book, video or program
when you can get unlimited access to ALL the products
from our huge team of experts?

No Matter How Good Or Experienced You Are,
There Is Always
To Learn.

Our Philosophy


None Of Us Is As Smart
All Of Us.


Just because you’ve been in the bar business for years
doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t continue learning.

Be Open To Learning From Other Successful Pros.

These training materials are helpful to all types of service givers
of every level and years of experience.

Reward Your Employees
Unlimited Training
A Fraction Of The Price Of An On-site Seminar.



Our Biggest Goal Is To Help You Succeed
And To
Succeed HUGE!

Increase The Odds Of Success
Every Staff Member.

Meet Scott Young


Scott Young created a multitude of Training DVD’s Sold in over 100 Countries, Traveled The World Teaching/Learning, Performing, Judging Bartending Contests. etc. etc.

All was going great until…a car accident with a cement truck.
Unfortunately Scott wasn’t in the cement truck.

Thus began a challenging time in Scott’s life trying to work through chronic pain, Surgeries, yada yada.

Scott had to step away from his business, but the amazing Karen Young, Scott’s Mom, the GM and his best friend, kept the company going.

When Scott was finally able to think about business again, he wasn’t able to to most of the things he could before the accident.

So, he focused on what he could do.
Think. Write. Create. Collaborate. Network.

The last few years Scott has spent thousands of hours creating 2 new series of books, Study Guides & Tests (only available on this website) and this huge community library that he will continue to grow every month.

Hope you like it :- ) It’s great to be alive! Let’s make the most of it.

Click here to view Scott’s full bio.

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