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Scholarship Program | Nightclub, Bar & Restaurant Training Programs

Nightclub Bar And Restaurant Training Scholarship

Nominate A Deserving And Needy Person For A Scholarship.
1 Year Unlimited Access Personal Subscription – $99.95 Value

We believe in Random Acts Of Kindness And Paying It Forward etc.
We want to give back to the world and help people create better lives for themselves and their families.

Do you know someone that could really use an act of kindness to help them help themselves?
Someone who can’t afford to buy a subscription but would truly appreciate and make the most of the opportunity?

Tell us about them and why you think they deserve it.
Why would they use and benefit from our scholarship program.

Every month, we will choose at least 1 winner from your nominations and post them here.
You can help us choose by voting for your favorites.

Winners are asked to “Pay it Forward” to someone else when they are able to.
That way, we create a ripple effect of people helping people.

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