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Drunk Bartender Sued

Drunk Bartender Sued ( Not actually this guy )

Is a drunk bartender sued for Drinking On The Job something you’ve seen before?

A bar sues bartender: The bar had it’s liquor license temporarily revoked because one of their bartenders was drunk at work while serving customers. I have purposely omitted his name because he’s got enough trouble.

As reported by Oregon Live, the lawsuit claims that the bartender was drunk on the job last January at the Barrel Room in Oregon, USA. Consequently, he is being sued and it’s very rare that a bar sues bartender.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission suspended the bars license.

The suspension begins on January 20th, 2019 and will last 21 days. As a result, owners of the bar estimate they will lose $115,000 US in lost sales earnings in the 21 days the Barrel Room will be legally prohibited from selling alcohol.

According to the lawsuit, the bartender admitted to Portland police that he had been drinking on the job that day and had been relieved of his duties because of this. As a result, the owners of the bar are now seeking damages from its former employee for $5,500 per day over 21 days for a total of $115,000 USD.

Furthermore, employees who serve alcohol in Oregon are required to have a permit issued by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. This applies to nightclubs, bars, restaurants, taverns, private clubs, lounges, etc. Because the bartender was drinking alcohol on the job, and drunk at work, consequently he had his service permit suspended for 18 days and was also penalized.

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Also, Is it a totally black & white issue?…

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Drunk Bartender Sued For Drinking On The Job and being drunk at work

1) First of all, how much revenue money do you think the bar will lose because it’s closed for 21 days?
2) What do you think of bartenders who drink on the job or who are drunk at work?
3) Should this happen? Drunk Bartender Sued For Drinking On The Job?

4) Is is actually illegal for bartenders to drink while working where you live?
   Maybe there Is a by-law in some places?
   Most importantly, is it regularly enforced?
   What Type of bar job do you work in?

5) What are the legal consequences of drinking on shift? Give examples.

6) How long do you think it will take for the bartender to earn $115,000 if he loses the lawsuit?
7) Even if the bartender wins the lawsuit, how much do you think his legal fees will be?
8) Have you ever had a drink or drinks while you were working a bar shift? Were you ever drunk at work?

    Under what circumstances and What country & city are you in?

9) Maybe most important, with this incident on his resume,”Bartender Sued For Drinking On The Job”,
    what do you think the bartenders chances of ever being hired as a bartender again?
10) What do you think will happen with this situation in Oregon: Drunk Bartender Sued $115,000 USD at Barrel Room in Oregon, USA.
11) Finally, will bar sues bartender change anything in bars around the world?

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